Capstone Research Corporation is a small business established in Huntsville, AL in 2019 providing world class research and development support to the department of defense, industry and government customers. We are experts in the area of integrated air and missile defense and long range fires, providing system of systems engineering across Services, Agencies, and Commands. Capstone Research provides Mission-focused support, through both highly technically oriented Systems Engineering experts and Operational experts.  We focus on front end system engineering, concept development and requirements definition through modeling and simulation, systems analysis, system architectures, systems integration and systems test, demonstration and experimentation.  We specialize in engineering cross-Service, Joint Kill Webs for multi-domain fires to include supporting the demonstration of unique kill chains.  We have detailed experience in all elements of the kill chain through find, fix, track, identify, engage and assess.

We continue to expand our customer based to include all four Services, MDA and SCO.  We are geographically diverse and located in 11 states with the concentration of people still in Huntsville, AL. 


  • Integrated Air and Missile Defense and Long Range Precision Fires

  • Joint Interoperable Multi-domain Kill Webs

  • Composite Tracking / Fusion / System Tracking

  • Joint Combat Identification Technologies and Techniques

  • Integrated Fire Control Concepts and Implementations

  • Battle Management Command, Control and Communications

  • Radar Design and Signal Processing



Always looking for responsible and highly motivated team members

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