Our Partners


North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) J3- Cruise Missile Defense of Homeland CONOPS, Site Surveys and Analysis 


CAX- IAMD Technical Authority- JTIFC, JTMC Bridge, JMAC, ABMA, THAAD- IBCS Integration

CAS- Space Architect- NCR IADS JTIFC Demo

Command and Control Battle Management Communications (C2BMC)- Defense of Guam Joint Tracking Architecture Analysis


United States Air Force

Air Force Strategic Development Planning Evaluation (SDPE)- Hypervelocity Gun Weapon System (HGWS)

Air Force Life Cycle Management Center (AFLCMC/XA) Special Studies- Air Base Air Defense

Air Force Command, Control and Communications Battle Management (PEO C3BM)- Automated Battle Management System (ABMS), Tactical Operations Center- Light

Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) Rome Labs- Advanced Tactical Command and Control and USAF Corporate Modeling


United States Army

Army Integrated Fires Mission Command Project Office (IFMC)- THAAD, F-35, JTMC Bridge, RIG-360, ABAD

Army Rapid Capabilities and Critical Technologies Office RCCTO- Advanced Hypersonic Weapon System


United States Navy

Office of Naval Research- Elektra ABMA Chief Engineer

Navy Distributed Warfare Office (N9I)- Project Overmatch- LRPF C2

Department of Navy- Commander Naval Surface Forces US Pacific Fleet- Surface Warfare Enterprises (SWE)


ARCADE- Galaxian