Modeling Simulation and Analysis

Capstone utilizes AFSIM (Advanced Framework for Simulation, Integration, and Modeling) and MATLAB in tandem to perform comprehensive modeling, simulation, and analysis tasks

  • AFSIM, developed by the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory, provides a high-fidelity, flexible environment for simulating complex military operations and scenarios
  • The modular nature of AFSIM allows for the integration of various subsystems and external tools, enabling a robust representation of real-world dynamics

Leveraging Capabilities for Automated Battle Management Aides (AMBAs)

  • Construct detailed model of the APG (ABMA Proving Grounds) project, simulated its capabilities, and evaluated performance metrics under diverse conditions
  • Conduct scenario-based analysis, optimize strategies, and assess system effectiveness in a controlled, repeatable environment

Synergy between AFSIM's simulation prowess and MATLAB's analytical strengths significantly enhances the fidelity and depth of our evaluations

  • Post-simulation data generated by AFSIM can be imported into MATLAB for further processing and visualization
  • Perform statistical analysis, develop predictive models, and visualize data trends through advanced plots and graphs

MATLAB’s scripting capabilities allow for the development of various tools and projects, such as the MSF (Model Switching Filter), originally developed in MATLAB and currently being integrated with AFSIM


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