Systems Architecture

Capstone Research is focused on defining system architectures for CMD of the Homeland (CMD-H)

  • Defining C2 and fire control system architectures
  • Performing sensor, weapon trades against threats to define radi capacity and defended area
  • Performing cost and risk analysis of system architectures
  • Working closely with NORAD
  • Leading NCR IADS JTIFC demonstration

We are also working with USAFE and PACOM (PACAF) to define CMD system architectures, coordinating efforts with USAF AFRL and SDPE on ABAD, coordinating with USAFE on CMD weapons and sensors, coordinating with PACOM on JTIFC and ABAD concepts, Defining Air Force Air Base Air Defense (ABAD) prototypes and demonstrations, Working with AFLCMC/XA to define and demonstrate ABAD, and Working with SDPE to integrate advanced weapons / sensors with TOC-L including HGWS.


Always looking for responsible and highly motivated team members

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